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Powerful meditation

During a meditation after the Lord’s Prayer, I saw a very strong bright light pass through the Agnya chakra, at the level of the forehead. I didn’t feel my body any more. It was silent. I had entered into the Kingdom of God. The greatest experience I had was to see the manifestation of Shri […]

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We felt what Shri Mataji felt

We were painting various bits of the house in Hurst Green in Sussex in about 1974. Now, one particular experience that I remember was that Shri Mataji went out with Sir, then Mr., Srivastava to go to a meeting, a reception of some sort. He was at that time the directorgeneral of IMCO, International Maritime […]

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We were having a simple puja to celebrate the fifth birthday of International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Centre near Vashi, India and we were all sitting in the meditation room saying the 108 names of Shri Mataji. The phone rang and the gateman came in and spoke to Dr. Rai. It turned out that […]

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